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What is Juice Plus+

Do you struggle to get your recommended daily serves of fruit & vegetables?  Or do you eat the same ones day in and day out?  Depending on what literature you are reading it is recommended that we eat between 5-13 different fruit & vegetable varieties daily!

Experts agree that fruit & vegetables, and their compounds called phytochemicals, are a key component to our overall health and vitality. Almost daily another piece of research or another news story reminds us of the importance of whole food based nutrition that fruit & vegetables supply. 

Unfortunately most struggle to get the minimum 5 servings daily and sadly what is being consumed is low quality, over processed or over cooked that do not supply the nutrition of raw fruits & vegetables.  The best thing to reduce your risk of disease is to eat healthy and the right fuel in your body makes it run better!

This is where Juice Plus+ can help make a difference.  It is a convenient, inexpensive way of adding more quality fruit & vegetable to your daily diet.  Each vegetable capsule contains 10 different vegetables and each fruit capsule contains 7 different fruits, plus an array of natural antioxidants and phytochemicals in each capsule.  Juice Plus+ has helped many of my clients enhance their daily fruit & vegetable intake while minimizing oxidative tissue stress from exercise and other daily environmental factors.